Kulináris tisztelgés a tegnap 47 évesen elhunyt Adam „MCA” Yauch (középen) előtt. Tojások, csirkeláb, paszta és pesztó: emlékezzünk 5 Beastie Boys dallal a zseniális hip hop legendára!

1.Egg Man

Which came first, the chicken or the egg/I egged the chicken then I ate his leg

Egg Man - Paul’s Boutique

2. The New Style 

I chill at White Castle ‘cause it’s the best/But I’m fly at Fat Burger when I’m way out west

The New Style - Licensed to Ill

3. What Comes Around

You’re all mixed up like pasta primavera/Why’d you throw that chair at Geraldo Rivera?

What Comes Around - Paul’s Boutique

4. Egg raid on Mojo

Egg raid on Mojo! Egg raid, gonna die, eat up Mojo, all the time!

Egg raid on Mojo - Polly Wog Stew

5. Finger Lickin’ Good 

I’ll be in the paper the news with Ernie Ernesto/They’ll even print my recipe for pasta with pesto/Now here’s another special of the day/See I’ve got more spice than the Frugal Gourmet

Finger Lickin’ Good - Check Your Head

(Forrás: Men'sHealth.blog)

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